Custodian Appreciation Day - Sign Up Form

Custodians are often the unsung heroes of a school or business. Let us help you show your appreciation for the custodians in your life by taking advantage of our cleaning kit giveaways. We are offering two different cleaning kits to help make life easier for any custodial worker in your work building or school. The first kit is centered on all purpose cleaning while the second is specialized for carpet cleaning. So no matter what kind of spills plague your school or office, they will be prepared with the best products to make their jobs easier.

Custodian appreciation day is celebrated at all different times of the year all across the nation. So to make sure you don’t miss custodian day at your school or business, our special cleaning kit giveaways are available all year round. They make the perfect gift for any custodial worker in your life.

So help make your unsung heroes feel special this Custodian Appreciation Day and supply them with the best of the best, because that’s what they are, the best.
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custodian appreciation day kit
All-Purpose Cleaning Kit
1 x Clean Works - Non-Acid Disinfectant, Qt
1 x Clean Works - Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner, Qt
1 x Clean Works - All-A-Round All Purpose Cleaner, Qt
1 x Microfiber Towel
janitor appreciation day kit
Carpet Spot Cleaning Kit
1 x Triple Action Multi-Enzyme Carpet Spotter, Qt
1 x Crystal Clear Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner, Qt
1 x Carpet Brush
1 x Terry Cloth Towel